• Nikolay Vlahov for Round Lemond

    11 November 2020

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  • Jessica Saunders about EARTH exhibition

    21 October 2020

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    "The title of Vlahov’s photographic series encapsulates, in only three words, all I have written above. In each of the three images, the authority of the human crumbles away. All encompass a human figure: naked, shrunken, and humbled by the larger landscape. The environment’s importance is honoured and homed in on, as the bodies that lie almost sacrificially are diminished by a greater presence. But, there is a resonating warmth from  these images too. The bodies are embraced by the earth, held by the curvatures, hollows, and gaps.
    An equilibrium is reached when the power relations between humanity and nature are balanced out – it’s nature who allows the bodies in and in return the bodies are comforted, tranquil, and at rest.”


    Jessica Saunders, Freelance writer & Guest Writer for ZEST



    Jessica Saunders has selected only four representative artists/artworks to talk about in her review for ZEST Hall’s current exhibition “EARTH”. You can read her review by clicking here.






  • EARTH exhibition, Zest Hall Gallery

    28 September 2020

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    EARTH is the title of the most recent international exhibition Nikolay Vlahov has been selected to participate in. He had applied with series of photographs called WE ARE NATURE taken high in the Rhodope mountain.

    The artistic concept is his own and the shots are executed by Iliya Gramatikoff.

    You are warmly welcome to visit the website of ZEST Hall gallery to see the artworks done in different media by all 51 participants from all over the world.



  • APERO Sep 2020 Issue

    01 September 2020

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    Nikolay Vlahov is one of the selected feature artists published in Apero monthly fine art catalogue for established and emerging artists (September 2020 Issue).

    You can see his painting Memories of the Soil as well as the artworks of all selected artists in full digital version of the catalogue provided here.



  • Gallery SoHo, Sweden

    20 August 2020


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    Nikolay Vlahov is one of the 70 selected artists from 500 participants from all over the world in the first international online exhibition hosted by Galleri SoHo, Västerås, Sweden.

    His painting Memories of Tomorrow as well as the inspiring artworks of all other selected artists can be seen from 20 Aug until 02 Sept 2020 by clicking on the link below: