The Tree

to my grandmother Maria

The old tree is lonely again,
Its roots are dug deep in the ground
And its branches are stuck high in the sky
Like a bridge between sorrow and beauty.

When you look up, it stands -
A cross over somebody’s grave:
Dry, haggard and wizened.
The wind yells in its branches,
New groans, new animal screams.

When you look from above, it shines -
A big honeycomb, which gives
Life, sweetness and bliss.
All melts under the sun
All melts in the honey-
Fields, roads and rivers...

It wants to unite two worlds,
It wants good to meet evil,
It wants to take away human sorrow
It wishes for the souls to be embraced by the sun.

But it cannot change the world,
Sorrow and sufferings will live long among people,
And beauty will remain only for the Gods!
That is why the old tree is always lonely
That is why it is sad.