• #I am still alive, Hanway Collective, London

    13 July 2020

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    Nikolay Vlahov was selected to participate in #I am still alive an instagram online exhibition created by Hanway Collective.

    You would find the selected artist's artworks curated on Instagram, on @hanwaycollective page along with bio of the artist.


  • Artios Gallery, New York

    23 May 2020

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    Nikolay Vlahov is one of the 30 selected artists from all over the world whose works are included in a curated online art exhibition called United Through Art in Artios Gallery, New York.


    A Veil of Rain | 2020 | mixed media on canvas art board | 50x50 cm






  • New Earth

    09 March 2018

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    dance performance

    Director and Choreographer: Anna Miteva

    Dance: Aleko Disshev, Velizara Mladenova, Katerina Stefanova, Sylvia Manolova, Svilena Nikolova, Teodora Stoyanova, Milena Mladenova (Students "Theater of Movement - Dance Theater", class Prof. Dr. Petya Tsvetkova).

    Scenographer and costume designer: Nikolay Vlahov

    Composer: Alexander Evtimov - Sham

    Phography: Andon Kostov

    Video: Aleksandar Yordanov, Alexander Milushev, Anna Damianova, Krasimir Kaloushev, Krassimira Damyanova, Stefani Doychinova, under the artistic leadership of Prof. Lyubomir Hristov and Prof. Teodor Yanev

    there is a river.

    Its water whispers who you are.
    Beyond the river we are flowers.
    And inside, we meet our lives with a touch.

    We were born.
    We discovered the fire.
    We evolved.
    We were finding more and more.
    Somehow we loved each other.
    We spend, create and accumulate.

    We heap skills and memories, things, and feelings. We have overwhelmed our power.
    And we became close among the system and schemes we created ...
    Then we wanted to destroy them.
    Delete any straight line outlining lives.
    Remove the clothes and labels. Clear the differences.

    We asked and dared.
    We split the Earth with both hands. With teeth we tore the trees.
    We destroyed everything we touched ... Just as we asked for it.
    Now we have nothing. We do not know who we are.
    There was the desert wind penetrating our bodies.
    It's quiet.

    there is a river.

    Click to watch: NEW EARTH


  • Blood and Spirit

    14 May 2016

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    Blood and Spirit

    Nikolay Vlahov was invited to participate in the Ketuk Roso International art exhibition at Raos Gallery Batu, Indonesia.

"Blood and Spirit" is an experimental art situation inspired by the process of change of the Indonesian society. The audience was invited to express their feelings and thoughts on the topic by painting on the bodies of the artists.

    “Red and white! Blood and spirit! Rice and Blood!
You cannot stop what has started!
Spirit and Blood! Blood and rice! Red and White!
You can just follow it!”

    Concept: Nikolay Vlahov

    Performers: Angel Rochbeind, Nikolay Vlahov

Video: Georgi Panayotov

    Click to watch: "Blood and Spirit"


  • 1+1=1

    07 April 2015

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    dance theatre

    The performance is influenced by contemporary dance, aerial fabric acrobatics and Indonesian traditional dance!

    Choreography and performance: Eftihia Chrisofergi (Greece) and Georgi Panayotov (Bulgaria)
    Filmed on location: Eno Tunya (Indoneisa)
    Stage manager: Otilia Lefter (Romania)
    Costumes and Lighting: Nikolay Vlahov (Bulgaria)
    Photo documentation: Davide Valada (Italy)

    I go on and I come back. Every time I look forward I see the past. I am going in a spiral, passing from one person to another. Looking. Finding. Connecting. Leaving. Falling down. Again and again. And it is always the same, just with different person. Do I really live by myself or all the time I need someone to support me, someone to go back to someone to stick to.

    Click to watch: 1+1=1