When you were a little kid, your child eyes were devouring the light and the colors of the paint. You would get lost in bright beams, while looking for tender voices and then would fall asleep, wrapped up in colorful patches. You were living in a fairytale. You were playing with the shades and the gleams cast by the light. There were no mysteries for you and you knew so much about the world. The colors were telling you the stories of the invisible. You could unlock every heart and fill it with warm spring colors. You led me into this dream of yours. I would bravely step over reality and the colors of eternity would start running in my veins. You would let me play with the palette and reproduce little pieces of the world and me. And while we were taken with those games kids play, I felt your desire to grow up. 

And you were slowly growing up... and the colors were slowly fading. You gave them away for forms and objects. You were getting to know the world by the touch of your tiny hands. While running your fingers over it you built walls around yourself. Your freedom gave way to dashing against those walls. You were stumbling into objects and people but you couldn’t see their colors. Shades were flying around, bringing the scent of past lives.

And you were growing up… and the colors were fading. Those child eyes were glowing no more, but secretly craving the beauty of the paints. 

Open your eyes…Remember this world, your world. Create and invite it back to life. Run among the glamorous stars and innocently, passionаtely mix the colors. Paint…and when you grow tired I will be waiting for you, sitting there on the rainbow. Together, with a smile we will revel in this life. And then again there will be soaring and sweet invitations into your world.

Come back... to the colors...

Nikolay Vlahov